Specialized Design

Intermart’s product packaging design services play an important role in enhancing your consumer awareness and building a memorable brand image and ultimately in increasing sales. Whether a business is considering how to package a new or existing product, Artwork Abode can provide expert help with seven specialized package design and adaptation services.

We understand that marketing teams are regularly faced with time-sensitive package design decisions and help existing brands and products, brand managers assess which features and advertising messages to keep as well as what to drop or change. Intermart works hand-in-hand with corporate executives and marketing managers to make sure the entire package design process moves smoothly from start to finish.

In a business environment often dominated by innovation and budgetary limitations, innovative packaging design considerations are regularly impacted by the need to make changes that keep up with external factors such as shipping requirements and recycling attitudes. To help businesses also meet package adaptation needs, Intermart stays on top of everything needed to ensure that your product packages have the “look and feel of quality” while simultaneously providing convenient handling and product promotion. The following paragraph provides more details about Intermart’s package design services and adaptation services.

Our Innovative packaging design services

Brand Positioning

Intermart imagery that appeals to your desired target audience. Part of our brand positioning process involves helping to develop a branding strategy, defining target customers and determining how to promote your brand's quality and cost-effectiveness.


Intermart designs packaging with size adaptation needs in mind. Packages can serve as different sizes based on product volume. We can also use your original design and brand guidelines to create different SKUs adaptation rollouts.

Content Localization

We study your brand guidelines and recreate package designs and labels that are suitable for different geography with localized content.

Mixed Media

Intermart’s mixed media design process creates multiple messages that work as a ``team`` to produce an overall marketing theme on each package. Intermart can coordinate messages and images on packages with advertising in other media.

Attractive Marketing

Intermart is fluent in all modern design strategies and packaging options. Our package design experts make sure your brand is depicted in the best possible light at all times.


Intermart helps you build and preserve a brand image with our marketing research and data mining expertise. Whenever needed, our team can engage in developmental activities that support package design innovations.

Product Branding

Intermart protects your brand identity by integrating package design elements that complement the look and feel of your brand image in all other media.

Cost-Effective Production

Artwork Abode creates package designs that will continue to be cost-effective and easy to manage in future production cycles